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That message was reinforced by ads urging white voters to turn out against Brewer's "bloc vote" from blacks. Another ad showed a white girl surrounded by seven black boys under the headline "Wake Up Alabama! Blacks Vow to Take Over Alabama." Anti-Brewer material put out by anonymous groups targeted Brewer's family, accusing Brewer's wife of being an alcoholic and his two daughters of getting pregnant by blacks. In a 2006 interview, Brewer said there was no way to counter the attacks. "You don't want to go on TV and say, 'I'm not a drunk,'" he said. Wallace defeated Brewer by 34,000 votes, dashing supporters' hopes that Brewer would become a "New South" leader. Brewer ran again in 1978, when he was confronted with evidence that his 1970 campaign had accepted $400,000 in secret contributions from Richard Nixon's Committee to Re-Elect the President. Nixon, who barely won the presidency in 1968 because of Wallace's third-party campaign, had hoped Brewer would defeat Wallace and leave the feisty governor without a base for a presidential campaign in 1972. Alabama voters rejected Brewer and other well-known figures in the 1978 governor's race and gave the office to political outsider Fob James. Brewer left Montgomery to practice law in Decatur and then became a law professor at Samford, where he started the Public Affairs Research Council, a nonpartisan government research program, and the Institute for Ethics in Business and Government.

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Lurleen B. Wallace. Brewer brought a low-key, businesslike style to the governor's office that was dramatically different from George C. Wallace, the outspoken segregationist former governor who got his wife elected while he pursued a presidential campaign. Brewer's administration lasted only 33 months, but he left his mark throughout state government, notably with an education package he guided through the Legislature in 1969. He improved funding for public schools by enacting the state utility tax, created the Alabama Commission on Higher Education to coordinate programs at Alabama universities, raised teacher's salaries by 21 percent over two years and got a constitutional amendment passed to elect the State Board of Education. It also switched the state superintendent of education from an elected position to one appointed by the board. "Alabamians have lost a great leader today in the passing of Governor Albert Brewer. He lived his life as an example of integrity and professionalism in public service, and displayed an unwavering commitment to making Alabama a great state," Bentley said in a statement issued Monday night. "The Samford University and the state of Alabama have lost a giant in the passing of Gov. Albert Brewer.

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Some 120,000 people have been suspended or dismissed since the coup, although thousands of them have since been restored to their posts. More than 41,000 have been jailed pending trial out of 100,000 who have faced investigation. Parliament, dominated by the ruling AK Party, voted this week to extend emergency rule by another three months in a move the government said was needed to sustain a purge of supporters of U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen. Turkey accuses Gulen and his network of followers, which it terms the Gulenist Terror Organisation (FETO), of being behind the July 15 coup attempt. Gulen denies the allegations. Emergency rule enables the government to bypass parliament in enacting new laws and to limit or suspend rights and freedoms when deemed necessary. It was imposed after the attempted coup and then extended for a second three-month period in October. Friday's decrees also give state-appointed administrators the right to sell companies they take over. Hundreds of firms, many of them smaller provincial businesses, have been seized in the post-coup crackdown.

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